Different Types Of Skin Diseases Common In Jiu-Jitsu

Because of how much constant skin contact occurs in Jiu Jitsu, it is not uncommon for different types of skin diseases to be transferred from person to person. While it is unfortunate, there are many different types of common Jiu-Jitsu skin diseases that people should try their hardest to avoid, as they can bring pain and discomfort to the person. Sometimes, the discomfort can become so great, that many people will not be able to complete their exercises. Because of how many misconceptions exist about these diseases as well, it is not uncommon that for people to develop them without even knowing about them. As such, education is one of the most important ways to prevent these diseases and encourage athletes to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

The lack of knowledge and awareness that surround some of these diseases are among the largest reasons for the prevalence. In fact, one of the key parts of treating and preventing just about any types of disease is to make sure that people are aware of what they can do to avoid contracting it. While most types of skin infections as they occur in the field of full contact sports are relatively minor and easy to take care of, they can quickly become major health risks if they are not properly handled. Catching the spread and growth of these diseases early is one of the most important parts of making sure that individuals who have them do not have to worry about them worsening or spreading to others.

Among the most common types of diseases that individuals can get while they practice full body contact sports are herpes simplex, Impetigo, Ring worm, and MRSA or Staph infections. Learning more about these diseases and how they spread can end up causing a lot of problems during your workout. By being aware of the signs and symptoms of each disease, however, you not only increase your chances for an immediate recovery, but you also significantly reduce the risk of passing the condition along to a training partner. Constant awareness and careful attention, as such, is something that must be constantly stressed, and if you notice that you are developing one of these conditions, you will need to speak with your coach immediately.

1.herpes simplex

herpes simplex


2. Impetigo



3.Ring worm 

Ringworm is a clinical condition caused by fungal infection of the skin in humans, pets such as cats, and domesticated animals


4. Staph infections

Staph infections


No matter how excellent your health care plan is, the best way to deal with any type of disease is to prevent it as soon as possible. While treating the aforementioned diseases is relatively easy, prevention is always much easier. When the right preventative measures are put in effect, and individuals are careful when they engage in their regimens, they ensure that a safe training environment is established for all to enjoy. Always try to keep your body clean before and after every workout, no matter whether it includes sparring with others or making use of any local equipment. While skin infections can be a scary thought, they should never deter you from enjoying one of the most invigorating sports available for all people to enjoy.


  1. I hate thinking about it! But the dirt bastards need to wash themselves and their gear and wear f-ing flip-flops to go in the restroom please!! SIMPLE STUFF!!!!

  2. Some years ago at Gracie Magazine we could see some products like skin care spray to prevent from getting these problems.


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