Dillon Danis Calls Out Sage Northcutt For A Potential UFC Debut

According to MMAFighting.com, Dillon Danis wants Sage Northcutt for a potential UFC debut. Before When Conor McGregor had a rematch against Nate Diaz, he worked on BJJ fundamentals with Danis. Since then, many MMA commentators have focused on the possibility of Danis making the jump to the UFC. Danis finally announced that he does have an interest in competing in MMA matches, and he went so far as to say that he wants to fight Sage Northcutt in his debut.

“That would be an easy fight,” Danis said on the show. “Just to get in there. That would be a good, easy one to just get out of the way. Beat someone that has a decent name.”

Initially, it looked like Danis wouldn’t mind fighting Nate Diaz personally, but he said that a match against Northcutt would be easier. Danis is confident that he could dominate any weight class, which makes it interesting that he’d call out a competitor who lost two out of his last three matches by submission.

If Danis really does want to fight Northcutt, he’ll have to get in line. Several other top competitors have already tried to book matches against the young prospect.


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