Dillon Danis is on Nate Diaz Hit List

UFC 202 turned out to be another epic. In the main event, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor met in the octagon for the second time this year. Diaz won the first despite being a last-minute replacement. McGregor just won the latest battle in a bloody 5-round showdown.

After the match, Diaz faced the media and talked about different topics. One of them was his opponent’s training partner, Dillon Danis, a 22-year-old black belt who studied under Marcelo Garcia.

Danis has been helping McGregor work on jiu-jitsu. This doesn’t sit well with Diaz, who says the American should not be helping foreigners.

Danis is a New Jersey native who has an excellent reputation thanks to his impressive wins against formidable opposition. Now Diaz has his eyes set on the young black belt, calling him out for a fight. This is unlikely to happen any time soon given their disparity in experience but perhaps it can be arranged in the future.


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