Dillon Danis Wants A Rematch With Jake Shields This Summer

Jake Shields

Earlier today, Grappling Industries founder David Aguzzi posted a Facebook message about his recent communications with one of grappling’s biggest stars, Dillon Danis.

Danis’ message was clear: he wants a rematch with Jake Shields!


Danis reportedly told Aguzzi he would be willing to fight next month or during July. He called for a match with three judges and a 20-minute limit or unlimited time.

Aguzzi suggested scheduling the fight during a Grappling Industries event on June 17th or July 16th. He noted Danis remains quite confident about fighting his chosen opponent.

Fast Reaction

After several fans expressed hope that the match would take place, Jake Shields responded to Aguzzi’s post. He called the idea “interesting” and expressed confidence in his ability to repeatedly defeat his rival.

Last Fight

Danis recently lost to Shields during the latest Submission Underground 4 event. At the beginning, they grappled for several minutes while standing. Dillon repeatedly attempted to defeat Jake with a guillotine but failed to accomplish this.

After the two men grappled in Danis’ guard and Shields escaped a jumping guillotine, regulation came to an end. Although Jake won the match in overtime, both fighters were unable to achieve submission.

The winner said he respects his opponent despite their intense rivalry and his occasionally harsh words. He also mentioned his willingness to fight Jon Jones or possibly a different competitor at the next Submission Underground event.

Jake Shields Defeats Dillon Danis, Asks For Jon Jones Match


Dillon Danis’ life began in New Jersey. He started learning about jiu jitsu as a teenager and eventually attended training academies in both New Jersey and New York. The young man had already gained a black belt at 21 years of age.

His rival also possesses a black belt and multiple medals. Shields was born in California. Before starting to wrestle in middle school, he became a snowboarder, mountain biker and vegetarian as a youngster.

Shields is a former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion and was a former title contender in the UFC. He has taken on big name fighters such as Georges St-Pierre and Tyron Woodley, and also famous for being part of the notorious “Skrap Pack” which includes his Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu brethren Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, and Gilbert Melendez.


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