Chicago Security Guard Knocked Out – Midwest BJJ Community Outraged

The Midwest BJJ Scene is about to elevate in numbers as coaches and gym owners are disgusted with the video that CBS Chicago released today showing a Chicago man punching a female security guard in the face after she tried to assist him while he was passed out drunk. 

The worst part about this incident is that the friends in the video did nothing to stop the man or help the guard who was attacked.  Although the news has blurred the faces in the video media source Antoine Pierre has shared the images of the people at the scene and is asking Chicago to help identify these cowardly individuals.  

In the meantime, Idriz Redzovic of Redzovic BJJ in Chicago, and Pastor Calvin Allen of Nova Gyms In Milwaukee are both offering 30 days of free self defense, and BJJ ground fundamentals to anyone in the security guard business (or law enforcement). Both Idriz and Pastor Allen are looking to help better prepare citizens to mitigate these types of cruel incidences that could potentially happen to anyone anytime, anywhere, at any place.  

Recently the Chicago BJJ has seen huge growth already with recent events such as Wanderlust Grappling, and a number of other events geared towards bringing more awareness to BJJ so it will hopefully only be a matter of time before we will see more idiots like this drunk Chicago man getting choked out by security guards as they explore BJJ as a real option for self defense.  


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