Dillon Danis: ‘Im The One Transcending The Sport Unlike Any Other Jiu-Jitsu Guys’

From the time rising jiu-jitsu prospect Dillon Danis began training with lightweight UFC champ Conor McGregor, he attracted more publicity than any other jiu-jitsu practitioner with regards to making the transition to MMA. The time for this transition could be arriving shortly.

When interviewed on The MMA Hour, Danis said that he has been offered an MMA fight in February 2017 promoted by US East Coast company Cage Fury Fighting Championships. While a timetable clash with a jiu-jitsu competition has prevented him from agreeing, Danis said that he is strongly inclined to take the plunge simply because he wants to prove his doubters wrong.

Danis stated that he would start his MMA career as a welterweight at 170 pounds; however he could move up to middleweight or boil down to lightweight. Due to the twenty-three-year old’s relationship with the SBG team, he would probably travel to Ireland prior to any MMA fight.

Video by: MMAFightingonSBN


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