Dj Jackson Defeats Garry Tonon At Grappling Pro Championship

Photo/Facebook: Gordon Ryan

The Grappling Pro Championship is underway in Naples, Florida and one of the biggest winners so far is DJ Jackson. This no-gi tournament will feature some of the best fighters in the sport today, making it an entertaining day. When the dust settled, it became clear: DJ Jackson defeated Garry Tonon by outscoring “The Lion Killer”.

In an interview with FloGrappling after the match, Jackson shared his thoughts on his victory. He is now 6-0 versus the Danaher Death Squad and he joked about getting a “DDS Killer” tattoo across his chest.  Tonon is a notable member of the Danaher Death Squad. Jackson has previously beaten Tonon in the 2014 ADCC Nationals.

Both have improved since then, but it seems that Jackson still has the upper hand. He was surprised that Tonon was able to score against him, but Jackson still controlled the pace for the majority of the fight.



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