Did You Know Pablo Escobar Is A Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt?

Here’s something for the fans of “Narcos”. This Netflix original series explores the dark world of the illegal drug trade. Its main protagonist is Wagner Moura, who plays the role of Pablo Escobar. Moura is a Brazilian actor who has worked on stage, films, and television shows.

Narcos is his biggest project to date. Previously, he landed the role of Captain Roberto Nascimento in the movie Elite Squad, as well as its sequel.

Now his work as Escobar is taking him to new heights. His portrayal has drawn critical acclaim, leading to a Golden Globe nomination.

Not many people know that Moura has actually been training in jiu-jitsu for a long time now. This is not a complete surprise given his Brazilian heritage. His efforts have allowed him to reach a fairly advanced level. Right now, Pablo Escobar is a purple belt. He has been able to use his skills on the mat in many of his past films.


Master Royler Gracie Rolling With Pablo Escobar


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