Do You Have A Game Plan?

This is a useful concept for those BJJ’ers who are planning on entering a competition.

When the referee starts the match, do you have a strategy, or are you just going to see what your opponent plans to do and go with the flow?

Many top competitors believe in formulating a specific gameplan around their own best positions. The general idea is to play your game in the match, and avoid the positions that your opponent is best at.

What is your strongest finishing position? What are your favorite routes to get there?

If you have been training a year or more, you should have a solid idea of what positions you feel most comfortable in and which sweeps and submissions are your “go to” techniques. This is where you want the match to take place.

In closed guard (top)
In 1/2 guard top
In side control (attacking)
In mount (attacking)
Have back (attacking)
You have closed guard (bottom)
You have 1/2 guard (bottom)
You are under side control
You are mounted
Yiou have your back taken

Let’s take a look at a couple of gameplans and how to think about your own.

Gameplan #1: Top Game

a) get your favorite grips and look for one of your favorite trips
b) look for leg drag or knee cut pass
c) establish side control / opponent gives back
d) look for paper cutter choke or Kimura form side / bow and arrow choke from back

Gameplan #2: Bottom Game

a) get your favorite grip and pull half guard on your stronger side
b) look for an underhook to back take or rollover sweep
c) establish top control
d) look to mount and use choke / straight armlock combination

One of the values of a gameplan is narrowing the range of techniques that you will be drilling and remembering in the preparation for the competition.

Training time and energy are precious. Your training efforts should be spent on the highest percentage techniques for you.

At each of the steps of your gameplan, identify the key positions and transitions and drill them to a point of sharpness.

When the match starts and the adrenaline starts pumping, you will have a plan to apply your strongest positions.

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