Donald Cerrone Reveals He Has No Broken Bones In His Face After UFC Loss

Image Source: Donald Cerrone via Instagram

Good news for “Cowboy” fans out there: Donald Cerrone came away from his last UFC loss with no serious injuries and is eagerly awaiting his next fight.

Cerrone’s loss to Tony Ferguson at last weekend’s UFC 238 didn’t come from a knockout, submission, or devastating injury — it came from Cerrone’s own mistake of blowing his nose after getting hit in the face. After Cerrone tried to clear his airway, his left eye swelled shut, which is common in cases of fractures to the orbital or cheekbone and results from air in the sinus cavity being pushed under the skin around the eye. The doctor’s ruling declared Cerrone unable to continue, and Ferguson was declared the winner of the fight.

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In a post on social media, though, Cerrone has announced that he didn’t have a cracked or broken orbital, and that all of his other body parts are fully intact as well. “Only air was in my eye,” he explained.

Ferguson has already said that he’d give Cowboy a rematch, but neither fighter’s next bout has been announced as of yet.


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