Don’t Miss The Grapplethon For Ian Matuszak

The next Grapplethon event is being held on November 14, 2015, at the Fountain Valley Global Jiu Jitsu Academy. The event is in aid of twenty year old Ian Matuszak, who is a Westbury based BJJ blue belt with cerebral palsy. This debilitating illness affects millions of people across the world. Recently, Ian also found out that he has esophageal cancer.

Grapplethons are charitable events, not tournaments. At these events, grapplers from different disciplines meet to train and learn from each other. This meeting consists of a three hour, open mat rolling session. Realistically though, it will last longer than this. Each roll will be six minutes, so participants benefit from thirty rolls of excellent training. Furthermore, they get the chance to meet new friends and support a good cause.

Prizes will be drawn from a raffle every twelve minutes, so no winning ticket holders will leave the event empty handed! Check out facebook page event


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