You Don’t Need To Be A Submission Whizz To Make It In The UFC, Here’s Why

How many BJJ submissions do you know? A dozen? Over 100? There are innumerable different variations of submission locks and chokes and cranks, but the statistics on what actually works in the UFC tell an interesting story.

There are in reality only a handful of submissions that are successful at the highest level of professional MMA. The statistics on the submissions in the UFC show that only five or six submissions account for the vast majority of wins.

Here’s a chart breaking it down:

Let’s take a look on how to perform the top 5 most successful submissions in the UFC.

Rear Naked Choke: 45%

I think this is the single best tutorial on how to perform the RNC.

Armbar 11.5%

Often, the armbar comes off of an initial triangle attack from the guard.

Guillotine Choke: 11.5%

This is the variation of the guillotine that we see most often in MMA.

Katagatame / Arm Triangle Choke: 4.5%

I would have guessed this one accounted for a higher percentage, but it still makes the list of the top five submissions.

Darce Choke 4.5%

Named for Renzo Gracie black belt Joe D’arce, this arm-in choke is a favorite of UFC fighter Dustin Poirier.

What BJJ submission are you surprised that is absent from the list?

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