Drunk Guy Messed With The Wrong Guy’s Car, Ended Up In Knee On Belly

Word to the wise: if you’re going to kick someone’s car, make sure he’s not a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. At the very least, make sure he’s not a pissed off Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt.

Some poor fool learned that the hard way recently:

“So this happens yesterday. I come out of the restroom and see my bumper hanging from my car and call my girlfriend to come see as I contact the officer that left his card on my car. Turns out some dude did a upturn and clipped the bumper. He did a report and they left without contacting me.

When I go back outside to take pics I see some drunk dude that was walking by that decided to start “spartan kicking” my bumper repeatedly. He didn’t see me because of the blinds but I go out take him down and knee on belly him as the cops are called. I was already pissed off from seeing what I thought was a hit and run but dude that hit my car called the police thankfully and it will be taken care of.

And this dude was walking by right after and just tried to kick it off because “it was fucked up already” smh. I didn’t hurt him but was pretty pissed off.

Despite his anger, the black belt had a message that we can all agree with: stay calm and learn jiu-jitsu!

As much as I felt like hitting something….I gotta also be a black belt off the mat too. More people need to learn Jiu Jitsu. If this guy did this to someone who didn’t train and they “just decided to use a weapon” he’d probably be hurt pretty bad. I didn’t hurt him at all. My car will be fine. Life goes on. Jiu Jitsu for the win”

Check out the Instagram pic below!



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