Earthquake Upstages Rashad Evans During Hall of Fame Speech

UFC Hall of Famer “Suga” Rashad Evans spent his career being pretty much unshakeable on the microphone, but he met his match on July 5. The light heavyweight was addressing his UFC Hall of Fame honors audience when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook California, briefly bringing the awards ceremony to a stop.

“Oh–it’s an earthquake,” Evans said in the middle of a heartfelt speech about his career in mixed martial arts as attendees hooted and cameras shook. “Earth quake, baby…that’s me bringing that heat!”

Evans’ inclusion in the Hall of Fame comes a year after his retirement in 2018. Though he ended his run as a pro with a five-fight losing streak, Evans was once one of the most dominating names in the combat sports and helped build the UFC brand to its current swaggering heights. A former college wrestlers, Evans crossed into MMA in 2004. A standout at the small, unexpected heavyweight on The Ultimate Fighter TV series, fighting his way into the UFC and taking out names like Chuck Liddell and Michael Bisping. He won the championship over ten years ago, in 2008 against Forrest Griffin.


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