Eddie Alvarez Wins First Fight Under One FC, Moves On To Lightweight Final

The Underground King is back baby.

After an unsuccessful first outing as a One Championship fighter, former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez received a second chance at the lightweight grand prix after his former opponent Timofey Nastyukhin pulled out of today’s ‘Dawn of Heroes’ event due to injury.

Toady’s match began to look eerily similar to his last, with Alvarez quickly eating a big left from former One lightweight champion Eduard Folayang. Alvarez went in for a trip before switching to a guillotine attempt, but was forced to disengage when he couldn’t lock up the choke. The two seasoned fighters exchanged kicks and combinations before Folayang was able to crumple Alvarez to the canvas with a debilitating kick to the left leg. The One vet proceeded to unleash ground and pound, making another stoppage for the UFC transplant almost inevitable.

But Alvarez was able to weather the storm long enough to get an underhook on Folayang’s left leg and get a sweep, ending up on top in half guard and raining down punches of his own. As Folayang rolled into turtle to defend himself, Alvarez quickly sunk in both hooks for back control and patiently secured a rear naked choke, cementing one of the biggest comeback wins of his career.

Alvarez will move on to face Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev in the lightweight championship final in Japan on October 13.


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