Eddie Bravo Teaches The Vaporizer, A Devastating Hold

Eddie Bravo often receives ample criticism from the Jiu-Jitsu community. Sure, some of the heat is deserved, but the man knows Jiu-Jitsu well. He proved as much during Metamoris 3 against Royler Gracie. That bout saw Bravo slap The Vaporizer on Gracie, and you could tell that the legend was feeling some pain.

Royler Gracie never tapped during that event. However, Eddie Bravo showed the world the effectiveness of The Vaporizer. It’s a combination toe hold and calf crank. Eddie Bravo teaches The Vaporizer in a recent video with detailed instructions. Without a doubt, people are going to check this video out in the hopes of slapping the move on an opponent in competition.



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