Edwin Najmi

Edwin Najmi ACBJJ

Edwin Najmi is an American-born rising star in the sport of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Born on 22 January 1992 in Tarzana, California, he is a world-class black belt who trains at the Gracie Barra gym under the legend, Romulo Barral. The Northridge branch of the academy has produced some of the most talented fighters

Edwin Najmi is one of the top talents of his generation. He has stacked wins at the sport’s most respected tournaments, pleasing crowds with his submission oriented grappling style. In the process, he has steadily scaled the ranking chart. He boasts impressive wins in the Pan-American Championships, European Open, and the World Championships.

His interest in combat sports began at an early age, being drawn towards judo/wrestling by his cousin’s good-natured beat downs at his home. He laid down the groundwork to his fighting career when he joined a judo academy whose trainer was of a Gokor Chivichya lineage. The coach gave emphasis on groundwork, where the learners would often work on their submission moves.

The Friday sessions, which focused on judo submission wrestling, became Edwin’s favorite session. After one year, he opted to join a Brazilian jiu jitsu academy, where the emphasis was on groundwork. As it happened, Romulo Barral’s academy was near his home. He, therefore, joined Romulo’s affiliate gym in 2009. Within a short time, Barral, who is one of the most celebrated athletes in sports, understood that he had an outstanding talent in his hands. He, therefore, decided to apply his impressive experience in helping Edwin grow into one of the best fighters in the world.

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