Elevation Fight Team Training At State-of-the-Art Facility

Old school gyms where fighters train are typically harsh and gritty. That has been changing over the years and MusclePharm’s training facility in Colorado is one of the best examples of this new paradigm. The Elevation Fight Team has recently signed a partnership deal with the supplement manufacturer allowing its MMA athletes to use the high tech facility. They will also receive nutritional and medical support for faster recovery.


Sports and Science Center is a large private space dedicated to producing the best fighters in the world. TJ Dillashaw, the reigning UFC Bantamweight Champion, is among those who train here. Many up-and-coming names have made the move to Colorado as well. Those who enter will see a slick operation with complete gym equipment, a basketball half-court, an advanced treadmill, an MMA cage, and various other impressive machines designed to improve performance.



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