Excuses People Make For Losing

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Lets face it, competition is hard! Competition is so dam hard, and most people don’t even realize it . We spend weeks months and even dedicate our lives to competition in some cases and the end result isn’t always in our favor. No matter how well prepared you might think you are; there are some things beyond your control. When you really think about it, half of everyone who signs up will be eliminated in their first match one way or another. The key is to take your loses in grace and learn. We have all seen those people though who make excuses, maybe we are even guilty of this? It’s easy to simply write off our loses with excuses, but if we truly want to improve then we need to take responsibility for our actions. So what are the most common excuses  BJJ practitioners make for losing their tournaments?

  • He was stronger/faster- I’ve heard this so much, people like to say oh that guy is an athlete and that’s why he is so good. In reality he has spent more time preparing his body for our sport and probably out technique you as well.
  • He is the former champ- So? Just because he is the former champ that means you should take this lose as a compliment? No!
  • He’s sandbagging– This claim has no merit in reality. Unless someone has been winning the same competition for 5+ years then you shouldn’t even use the word. Their instructor will promote them when they are ready.
  • All he does is train– Yeah there are people who train full time and it sucks when you have a full time job and Jiu-Jitsu is part time for you. But, ya know what? There is nothing you can do about that. You simply have to work harder!
  • The Ref Made A Mistake– While maybe, sometimes there are clear mistakes made. Most of the time the “mistakes” are often differences in perception between the refs and yourself. You can’t blame the ref. If it came down to something as small as an advantage or 2 points then you should have fought harder.

What other excuses have you heard people make ?



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