Fabricio Werdum Before He Started Training BJJ: “I like women, not jiu-jitsu,”

Photo: ESPN

Fabricio Werdum told his story to mmafighting on how he started training Jiu-Jitsu

Fabricio Werdum first went to the beach with his girlfriend Larissa, at the time, along with her family and friends. When they got there, Larissa’s ex-boyfriend had been waiting for them. Werdum knew what was going to happen, but he wasn’t bothered about her ex’s crush it. Marcos, however had other plans. At the time, Marcos was a jiu jitsu practitioner, and this was when Werdum had no idea what jiu jitsu even was. He thought that her ex wanted to embarrass him in front of her family, so he declined all of the challenges. However, his girlfriend at the time convinced him to try and fight her ex, and it ended predictably.

At first, Werdum said no. “I like women, not jiu-jitsu,” he told Marcos. Larissa, for unknown reasons, asked Werdum to take the challenge against the experienced opponent. She probably knew Werdum would lose to her ex-boyfriend, but still wanted to see it happen.

Werdum did not even last a minute in the bout before his girlfriend’s ex beat him. The next day, however, Werdum visited a local gym and began studying the martial art. He became a blue belt champion, renowned all over the world, just one year later, but he never had the opportunity to avenge his loss. Her ex never agreed to spar with him again, and there was always some excuse as to why he could not train with him.


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