Fake White Belt Prank Leads To Everyone Getting Tapped “I Do A Lot Of Kung-Fu”

A new video from Jordan Teaches Jiujitsu features a fake white belt prank, as Jordan has a black belt friend drop-in on class while wearing a white belt.

Jordan briefs everyone before class begins, saying that “Rahan” is a new white belt who has only been watching Jordan’s videos online for a couple of weeks. In reality, Rahan is Arthur, a very technical, competing black belt.

As the rolling begins, Arthur’s experience is immediately obvious. He’s not just strong, fast, or athletic. His technique is clean and looks effortless. Even while rolling with a brown belt, Arthur retains his guard, butterfly sweeps his opponent and comes on top. Of course, I’m sure the brown belt had caught onto the joke right around this time.

Ultimately, it seems that just about everyone wearing a colored belt had been schooled by the visiting white belt, but then Jordan called everyone in and revealed the prank, that Rahan was actually a black belt. 

Everyone was having a good time, as the prank was all in fun. One student describes his experience, 

“he puts me in an armbar, taps me out. I go, ‘there’s no way. How are you doing this?’ He goes, ‘I do a lot of Kung-Fu.’”

The video can be watched below:


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