Female MMA Fighters Deliver Justice To Disgusting Groper

Anyone who has been a victim of groping or sexual harassment will appreciate the latest news from San Francisco. When two female UFC fighters gang up on ass-grabbing dirtbag, they decided to deliver street justice with kick to the nads. This occurred after a man molested and insulted them outside of a nightclub.

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Dirtbag decides to sexually harass group of females. What he didn’t know was that 2 of the women were MMA fighters…

Posted by Cesar Gracie on Sunday, May 31, 2015

The incident began when a guy standing near the entrance fondled Heather Clark’s buttocks. The UFC fighter told fellow mixed-martial arts combatant and friend Leslie Smith that this had happened. Smith walked over to the groper and informed him that his behavior was unacceptable.

He responded by cursing at her and saying that he could do anything that he wanted. Smith called him an obscene name, and he reacted by spitting in her face. Next, the “dirtbag” attempted to strike her. The UFC fighter ducked and went on to punish the man with punches and chokes. Unable to fight her, the groper yanked Smith’s hair.

Heather Clark stepped in and decided to end the altercation by swiftly kicking his testicles. Both women compete as bantamweights. Leslie “The Peacemaker” Clark was born in 1982 and recently suffered an ear injury during a fight. Heather “Hurricane” Clark entered MMA in 2008 and also works as a photographer.


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