Female Officer Attacked On-Duty Raises The Stakes For Police Training Reform

The streets of San Francisco have a notoriously prevalent homeless population. The other week one homeless man took it to another level by harassing Asians as they were walking by on the sidewalk. A female officer was dispatched to subdue the man, only to be violently attacked as she approached him. He wound up in the mount position and began clawing at her face, before being pulled off by four good samaritans. What wound up being a potentially deadly situation was neutralized as backup arrived and the homeless man was arrested.

Rener Gracie went on record to state that he is willing to sponsor the officer for free Gracie Survival Tactics training, as there are specific techniques in the program that the female officer could have utilized. Anyone with information on the officer is encouraged to connect her to Rener so she can get training provided for her that she has not been receiving otherwise. He even goes so far as to offer free training for the four good samaritans who saved her, offering free tuition at any of his certified training centers around the globe.

Now government-certified in 38 states and counting, any officer who attends the one-week Gracie Survival Tactics course will receive POST credit for their attendance, which counts towards their mandatory training requirements. The Survival Tactics program is the only program of it’s kind to receive this kind of government approval and it is encouraging to see it grow state-by-state. Be on the lookout for more officer involvement on the BJJ scene, as it will only serve to keep the public more protected compared to the current state of affairs.

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