Grace Gundrum, Stanley Rosa, And More To Compete At Finishers Sub-Only 4 Event

Photo Source: Finishers

On August 26, the fourth Finishers Sub-Only event will kick off at noon in Rockaway, NJ, and given the athletes currently in the line-up, grappling fans are going to be in for a real treat.

The event will consist of two 16-competitor brackets, the first of which will be the women’s under-150 category. 2016 purple belt Pan Ams gold medalist Julie Manasse, MMA standout and F2W Pro 43 winner Amanda Leve, and 2017 purple belt world champion Vannessa Griffin will all be competing for the title and prize money that comes with it.

The men’s absolute bracket also has some standout athletes to keep an eye out for. 205-pound Onnit champion Kyle Boehm, 155-pound Jiu-Jitsu Kumite champion Pierre-Olivier Leclerc, Renzo Gracie black belt Stanley Rosa, 2016 purple belt Abu Dhabi World Pro champion Devhonte “Bones” Johnson, and 190-pound Grappling Industries DC advanced no-gi champion David Porter are in the running for a significant victory to add to their resumes.

Both the men and the women’s category carry a $2,000 cash prize for the victor. There’s also an additional $250 for the grappler who achieves the fastest submission and another $250 for the one who gets the best non-leglock submission. Viewers will also get to see three exciting superfights, one of which includes young 10th Planet Bethlehem star Grace Gundrum.

The promoters of the event will also be starting a website called “Show The Art Academy”, which will feature instructional videos, seminars, a full yoga library, and live streaming of Finishers events.

Finishers promoter Abraham Awad had this to say about the event:
With Finishers, we wanted to put together an event where some of the best local talent can perform. To get on a big show, you need a platform to display your abilities to the world, and we wanted to be that stage. The show started with two strangers becoming friends because of the same idea. We wanted our event to do the same. At every Show the ART Finishers event, you will get a friendly, comfortable vibe. At the same time, there will be energy in the room for the competitors and the vibe when a good match is going on will rival any local show you have ever been too. We started this thing as the first small show to put on an EBI rules event and to assist with feeding the bigger events’ talent. We are humble and proud of this and won’t stop because we simply love watching great jiujitsu matches.

Follow the event page on Facebook for up-to-date information, and make sure you’re watching the free livestream on the Show the Art YouTube page on August 26 at noon!

Here is the full list of competitors and superfights:

Women’s Under-150:  

1. Kerin Seabridge
2. Julie Manasse
3. Sa’idah Durkee
4. Samantha Clay
5. Quinn Counselor
6. Laura Kent
7. Colleen Quinn
8. Amanda Leve
9. Jess feliciano
10. Sara Monzegilio
11. Felicia Bender
12. Nikol Aguirre
13. Vannessa Griffin
14. Bridget Grace
15. Natalia Bryjova
16. Cindy Herr

Men’s Absolute:

1. Jason Rau
2. Juber Andino (Winner at the US GGL California qualifier)
3. Devonthe Johnson
4. Dan Martinez
5. Jesseray Childrey
6. Drew Puzon
7. Frankie Roberts
8. Kyle Boehm
9. Radji Bryson Barrett
10. David Porter
11. Cory Guitard
12. Stanley Rosa
13. Jesse Stokes
14. Matteo Martinez
15. Pierre-Olivier Lerclec
16. Felipe Rocha

Randi Miley vs Brooke Fahey
Ameer Anbar vs Jhondy Fuller
Grace Gundrum vs Jasmine Johnson

UPDATE: Aaron “Tex” Johnson has dropped out of the competition. 


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