Five Super League Results

Photo: Five Grappling

The very first edition of the Five Grappling Super League fights took place during the first week of August 2015. This tournament was a huge success, with countless interesting battles taking place for both men and women alike. For the female division, Karen Antunes, with Checkmat was on a great streak. She had taken out of the competition two crowd favorites until finally losing against Mackenzie Dern. This was an incredible accomplishment for both competitors.

In the men’s division, the winner was Tim Spriggs. Spriggs had played a perfect strategy throughout, staying away from the opponent’s games while taking home the ten thousand dollar cash prize after the referee decision and two to nothing wins. There were several grappling super league results that people thought were interesting as a whole.

During the Keenan Cornelius vs Otavio Sousa match, Keenan was able to win four to nothing. The classic match was one by the Atos standout, with Keenan dominating on his feet and then winning on the ground against his tentative opponent. He was able to take him out with two very well placed takedowns.

Afterwards, Garry Tonon and Joao Miyao had faced off, with a two to two result according to one penalty point by the referee. This was a very exciting match that had a lot of back and forth action. There was a lot for the two fighters to handle when they were in their matches.

Later on, there was another impressive fight for the audience to enjoy. At the start of the immediate points period, Garry Tonon had made better use of the fight’s rules. He was pulling guard against Miyao and he was knowing that if there was a double guard pull, he would be conceded the two points. The fight was a very technical one that ultimately ended in Murillo’s favor. The referees had also decided that they would be adding a penalty point over to Joao for the missed contest earlier in the match itself.

Regardless of the point, Joao Miyao had fought bravely in order to come back from his two point deficit. It was almost to the point of getting a back take and the mount on Tonon, who did not rest well on the advantage. At the match’s end, Joao had managed to sweep Tonon over near the finish, but he could not score past.

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