Is Football More Dangerous Than MMA? Former Linebacker And Current UFC Fighter Thinks So

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Mixed martial arts is often thought of as one of the most dangerous sports. After all, it involves being in a cage with a person who is probably in his twenties, in peak physical condition, and may have a black belt in three different martial arts.

Yet UFC fighter and former linebacker Eryk Anders says football is more dangerous.

Anders was on The MMA Hour today with Ariel Helwani. When Helwani asked him, “Am I crazy for thinking that football is a more dangerous sport than MMA,” Eryk told him he wasn’t.

“I think football is way more dangerous than MMA,” Anders said. “Even if you get knocked out in MMA, it’s just one time. You know, you get up, you take a couple months off, you know, let your body heal. But in football, you may not get knocked out, but your constantly getting hit…especially if you play that D-line [defensive line], linebacker, running back, offensive line position. Every play that it’s a collision. You know, your body doesn’t appreciate that. You see guys that are thirty years old who their career is done, just because of all the hits, all the contact…”

This, of course, raises some serious questions. For example, parents usually have no problem letting their children play tackle football. Most of them, however, wouldn’t dream of letting their kids take part in an MMA match.

Should it be the other way around?

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In the meantime, check out Eryk Anders interview on The MMA Hour below:

Eryk Anders Says Football is More Dangerous than MMA

Is football more dangerous than MMA? Former Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker and current UFC fighter Eryk Anders MMA thinks so. Watch #TheMMAHour LIVE:

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