From Overweight Dad To Ripped MMA Fighter

Keith Rocheville

No matter how bad things get, do not give up because a turning point may be just around the corner. The is the story of Keith Rocheville of St Louis, Missouri and it is a divorcee’s incredible transformation to become shredded MMA fighter.

Keith Rocheville

Keith is 38 years old. He is also divorced and overweight. He is unemployed and has moved back to his parents’ home. This is not exactly the kind of man you expect to take up mixed martial arts (MMA) and succeed at it. As incredible as it sounds, Keith Rocheville has managed to transform his life and is now ready for his debut MMA fight.

Despite his financial and family problems, Keith took up an intense program of diet and exercise and the results are truly amazing. He has dropped from 220lbs to 147lbs within a relatively short time. This is a great achievement because it means he has lost 73lbs. The best part of the story is that Keith Rocheville is now ready for his debut MMA fight in the featherweight division.


He has a ripped figure with bristling muscles and he is enjoying a new lease of live. He just might win his debut MMA fight and grow in his new career. The message here is quite simple. Do all it takes to achieve your goals and you will enjoy the thrill that Keith Rocheville is enjoying now.


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