Further Proof of Why We Need to Know How to Defend Chokes For Self Defense Purposes

Understanding basic grappling concepts can mean the difference between walking away from a self defense situation with a few bumps and bruises or an ambulance ride to the hospital with serious injuries. One of the most dangerous moves that can happen in an assault and self defense situation is a rear naked choke. When it is cinched the person on the receiving end of the choke will unconscious in a matter of seconds due to the lack of blood flow to the brain. While training partners will respect the tap on the mats, there are no guarantees an opponent or assailant will show any mercy on the streets.

In the video below, two teens are fighting on the streets. At the 1:17 mark in the video one teen is trapped in a rear naked choke with no knowledge on how to defend the choke. He is choked unconscious. After he is released from the choke hold, his opponent stands over him and lands a punch causing further damage.

It is very important to understand basically grappling concepts in a self defense situation including the risks of going into turtle position and going belly down while your opponent is on top of you. Also, it is very important to recognize when your opponent might be in position to attack you with a choke and understand how to defend the choke with basic grappling fundamentals.

Here are a few examples of BJJ and MMA experts showing how to properly escape and defend the back mount and the rear naked choke.

Dan Henderson showing how to escape  rear naked choke in MMA situation.

Frank Mir demonstrating nogi rear naked choke escapes

Andre Galvao demonstrates rear naked choke escapes in the gi.

Kurt Osiander on protecting your neck and back mount escapes.


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