Tutorial: Sidewinder Heelhook off of the S Mount

Disclaimer: I know that this move is not fundamentally sound Jiu Jitsu.  It is a submission off of a BAD position, and good jiu jitsu goes hand in hand with good position.  That said, I really like this move and have hit it and moves like it on decent guys so it’s not all bad.  Play around with it, if it works for you great, if not no worries.

Disclaimer 2: I didn’t “invent” this move.  If anyone did it was Andrew “Goatfury” Smith.  This is a modified version of his now infamous Goathook submission.  The key distinction is the movement of my body, and that it is off of a baited armbar.  Huge shout out to Andrew “Goatfury” Smith for pioneering the offensive bottom mount 🙂


Once you’ve been armbarred enough you start to see it coming.  The S Mount Armbar is fairly predictable because the other person has to do certain things before they can get into position.  As the opponent begins to bring their hips higher up onto me and start sliding to the side, I shove them a bit with the arm that is being attacked and immediately wedge my knee between them.  They may expect a guard recovery.  They’re sadly and sorely mistaken.  As soon as the wedge is in place I throw the reap over and pinch my knees together.  Now they’re caught and I can capture the heel hook.

I have many attacks from the bottom mount position and have enjoyed a bit of success with it.  I’ll post more videos in the future but try this one out.

If you do try it out, how did it work for you?  Did you find it to be successful?  Or are you going to stick with simpler/sounder movements?


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