Gabi Garcia Gets Into Backstage Brawl With 53-Year-Old Opponent Shinobu Kandori

Gabi Garcia’s 53-year-old opponent, Shinobu Kandori, was obviously not happy with Gabi weighing it at close to 27 pounds over the weight limit.  Whether or not you understand Japanese, her anger at her opponent was pretty obvious.

Well, apparently Gabi isn’t too thrilled with her either.

A video has recently surfaced of Garcia confronting Shinobu backstage. It shows Gabi walking towards Kandori then saying something about someone’s mother. Shinobu is yelling something back in Japanese.

The two start shoving but their trainers get between them.  Gabi is dragged away, still saying something about someone’s mother. Kandori is still speaking Japanese, but it is clear she is not intimidated by her much younger and bigger opponent.

This isn’t the first time someone has conveniently had a camera out during a backstage scuffle at Rizin. Who can forget Wanderlei Silva’s famous confrontation with Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett?

You can check out the video with Gabi Garcia and Shinobu Kandori below:


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