Gabi Garcia Offers Emotional Apology After Cancelled Fight, Challenges Kandori For Next Year

Last night, Gabi Garcia’s fight against Shinobu Kandori was cancelled due to Gabi missing weight by close to 27 pounds.

Gabi did not take the cancellation lightly. In what could be described as one of the most emotional apologies in MMA history, Garcia went into the middle of the Rizing ring, got down on her knees, and tearfully apologized to the audience and viewers everywhere.

Gabi claimed she had problems that prevented her from cutting weight.

This is the first time this happened in my life. I had problems, three weeks before the fight. I think I recovered. My first training here, my nose is with blood and my blood pressure. I can’t cut weight because I have many problems.

Then, despite her backstage scuffle yesterday with her opponent, Garcia referred to Kandori as a “legend” and said she had respect for her.

I respect her. I respect my opponent. She’s a legend here, and I’m so sad. I cry a lot because this is the first time I didn’t enter. I entered through the back.

However, she still plans on coming back next year and challenging Kandori again

I need to say sorry for all my fans in Japan. I love you guys. I challenge for next year for the weight. I’ll cut the weight. This happened first time, and if you need a fight with me, it will be satisfied next year. I’m so sorry Japan. I love you guys, and I’m back more strong than ever.

You can watch Gabi’s full speech below:


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