Gabi Garcia Transitioning To MMA?

Photo/Instagram: @gabigarciaoficial

Gabrielle Garcia is the very definition of strength and will when it comes to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Towering at about 1.88 meters and weighing in at over 90kgs, it’s no surprise why she sends chills down the spines of her opponents.

The powerhouse competitor has nine jiu-jitsu championships under her belt and has shown her determination to join the MMA by shedding about 50kgs over the last two years. She was originally scheduled to compete in the MMA in December last year but Real Fight could not find an opponent.

Garcia, full of determination and sheer will power, has been on the search for a new challenge and that is why she decided to join the MMA. Having dominated her weight and class in jiu-jitsu for well over 5 years, she is determined to get to the next level. She is also ready to shed as much weight as possible to get an opponent that will match her weight in UFC or MMA.

It is with hard work, dedication and the hunger to win that Garcia has managed to reach the top in her sport. Her training regimen is quite intense, training up to eight hours a day with over three sessions for six days in a week. Her enviable work ethic and commitment inspires so many including her fellow competitor and long time training partner, Andresa Correa.

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