Metamoris’ North American Challenger Gives Grapplers More Exposure

Metamoris has announced that they will be hosting tournaments In 24 cities across the United States and Canada.  The tournaments will be in round robin format, so the athlete with the most submissions will win his group. The winners of these qualifying tournaments will face off against each other in a second, regional, tournament. Then, the regional winners will all face each other in the finals, which will be broadcasted live from Los Angeles. The winners of each weight class will take home $10K. These kinds of tournaments give grapplers the chance to get exposure, and possibly earn some cash. However, these tournaments are kind of exclusive. Only 16 athletes are allowed in each weight class.

Even though lots of people like to bash on Metamoris, this is a great way to find hidden talent, and just a great thing for the sport in general. As submission grappling grows, so will the amount of talented athletes who compete. Having such a high profile organization host tournaments is an excellent opportunity to get your name out there. Winning some cash is also a plus. If you can win regionals, Metamoris will give you 500 dollars to help out with some of your travel expenses.  The tournaments start in September of this year, and will spread to Europe and Asia in 2016. Below is a list of the cities that Metamoris will be hosting their tournaments in. Or you can just visit for more information!

-Atlanta, GA

-Boston, MA

-Charlotte, NC

-Chicago, IL

-Dallas, TX

-Denver, CO

-Houston, TX

-Las Vegas, NV

-Oahu, HI

-Philadelphia, PA

-Phoenix, AZ

-Pittsburgh, PA

-Los Angeles, CA

-Miami, FL

-Minneapolis, MN

-New York, NY

-San Diego, CA

-San Francisco, CA

-Seattle, WA

-St. Louis, MO

-Tampa, FL

-Toronto, ON

-Vancouver, BC

-Washington, D.C.


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