Brendan Schaub To Conor McGregor: “He is terrified right now”

On July 11, Conor McGregor will face off against Chad Mendes at UFC 189 for the featherweight title. Mendes was a last minute stand in for Jose Aldo who bruised a rib during training and declined the fight.

“I think he’s terrified,”

“I think the one fight that he did not want — it happened.”


Many UFC analysts, including Brendan Schaub: ‘I think Conor McGregor is terrified right now’. Mendes is a kickboxing and wrestling stylist while McGregor relies on his quickness and length. Although Mendes may be of the stronger opponents McGregor has faced, it has been noted that Mendes is placed at a disadvantage with only twelve days to prepare for the fight when he stood in for Aldo. Terrified or not UFC 189 will be a interesting bout.


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