Should Garry Tonon And AJ Agazarm Fight Each Other In MMA?

Should two of the most exciting grapplers fight each other in MMA?

AJ Agazarm is one of the top figures in the current generation of American BJJ competitors. Carlos Gracie Jr. and Eduardo de Lima awarded him a black belt in 2013, but he held countless other titles before then. He took home the brown-level American title in 2012 and the No-Gi Worlds 2014 At Black Belt. Other competitors have called him Leão since he won the blue belt-level world title in 2007. It comes from the Portuguese word for “lion,” and it describes his feisty fighting style quite well. It’s a fitting title for someone who can trace his lineage all the way back to Maeda Mitsuyo-sensei.

When Agazarm was in college, he was training at an MMA School with a friend. A competitor failed to show up to an event, and the promoter asked Agazarm to fill in. He won that makeshift fight with a clean rear naked choke in the first round, though he claims he didn’t actually know what fighters called that move when he started.

Aj Agazarm Highlight

Garry Tonon posted on Facebook:

I Changed my mind. A wrestling match would be cool. However I think my MMA debut Should be against @TheFloridaBoy what do you guys think?

Just so we’re all aware, I don’t wanna fight aj because of his post, I actually thought it was hilarious. I just really wanna punch his face

Garry Tonon is a strong BJJ blackbelt who has achieved so much that his accomplishment sheet needs two pages. Garry started his career early and since fifth grade, he has known he wanted to be a fighter. He started wresting in school and gradually skyrocketed from there into the big leagues.

Fast forward through many jiu-jitsu events, classes, and extensive training sessions, and Garry meets Tom Deblass, whom he has always admired. He worked with Deblass religiously, and a huge portion of his technique comes from him. Today he is a well-respected coach in New Jersey.

Garry Tonon vs Rousimar Palhares Polaris 3

Garry Tonon is the No-Gi Pan Ams 2015 Black Belt Champion, EBI Champion for 2014/2015/2016 (different weight class), and the Browne Belt World No Gi Champion 2011 and 2012. And those are only a few of his accomplishments.

His fighting style confirms his nickname: “The Lion Killer.”


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