Gene Lebell On Ronda Rousey “She’ll break you up if she feels like it”

Gene LeBell

Gene Lebell Is an American martial artist, instructor, stunt performer, and professional wrestler born in Los Angeles, California

Gene LeBell Interview with: Submission Radio

“Everybody can lose on a given day. That’s why we have long shots in racing. I tell her  she makes a fortune from the UFC, fighting  but I tell her, ‘if you could retire when you’re on top and just do movie work.’ Like I do movie work and I got a retirement from the screen actors guild. It’s a big retirement too. I got lifetime insurance that’s a big thing you know and you get residuals, which means after you do a show even the Bruce Lee show. Not Enter the Dragon ‘cause that was so long ago. So when it plays again, you get paid again. Every time it goes down in price, but you’re making a lot of money. So you don’t have to worry about where your next bill is coming from. She does sparring with world champion women and a couple of guys. When she comes down to our place, which is in North Hollywood California, she does damn good with the men. And when you fight her you don’t have to be nice, I mean if you’re a man. She’ll break you up if she feels like it. She’s got a good attitude. And when I say a good attitude, she’s sadistic. And that I like.”



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