Giant Flying Insect Interrupts Fight Of MMA Fighter Who Lost His Finger

An uninvited spectator interrupted the fight between UFC veteran Nah-Shon Burrel and Khetag Pliev at CFFC 99 over the weekend.

Pliev, of course, is best known for being the fighter who lost his finger mid-fight just a few months ago. Thankfully, though, his finger was soon successfully reattached, and he stepped back into the cage for the first time since the horrific freak accident on Saturday. But this fight, too, had a weird moment of its own.

As round one of the fight moved into its final minute, Burrel suddenly threw up his hands and took a startled step backward. The referee called a pause to the action, as a large green flying insect had entered the cage and proven to be a significant distraction for the fighters.


Thankfully, the ref was able to herd the invertebrate out of the cage, and the fight soon resumed.

Despite the insect’s best efforts at sabotaging Pliev’s opponent, Burrel went on to win the fight via knockout in round two.





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