Giving Back: BJJ and Butterflies

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Brazilian jiu jitsu is about more than medals, podiums and points. This community pulls together for our brothers and sisters in times of sadness & strife; we rally behind the fallen and bring together people from all walks of life. A Gi transcends tragedy, economic status, religion and even language barriers. This is possible because we all must start at the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or a couch jumper, you WILL WEAR A WHITE BELT.

So what’s with the butterflies, you ask? And I’m so thrilled that you did! This weekend I was fortunate enough to have attended a seminar. So what, you say! Money making scheme, you were foolish, it’s a rip-off!!! Cool your jets my friends and keep calm. Read on because this seminar, BLACKBELTS FOR BUTTERFLIES, was unlike any other and will continue to be unlike anything in the future. It is unique unto itself and was born from tragedy. Like the Phoenix it has risen from the ashes; only these ashes were the tears of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

I learned a lot over the course of BLACKBELTS FOR BUTTERFLIES. Yes, I learned some sic techniques, but I’m speaking of strength and the bonds which are created; the commitment and determination to rise above this senseless act and create something meaningful, to create a lasting positive memory for those still here dealing with the pain day in and out. Dylan’s Wings and Blackbelts for Butterflies brought us together to practice jiujitsu, create new friendships or strengthen old ones; but more importantly it has seared into our hearts and minds that we can make a difference.
It takes one person to decide that he or she will not be overrun by tragedy; they will not be consumed by grief but rather will turn the tables and take back what has been stolen by a senseless act.

I know that I will be doing everything I can to help out from this point forward. For anyone that was unaware of BLACKBELTS FOR BUTTERFLIES, next year don’t miss out. While there’s great jiujitsu to be had, this transcends and takes you somewhere better. It reaches in and grabs you in a place you may not have know. Even existed. I felt extremely honored to witness the heartfelt stories shared, the camaraderie and friendship.

As for the jiujitsu?! Haha! No way I’m giving away those secrets!!! Be there next time.


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