Gordon Ryan Accuses Claudio Calasans Jr. Of Running

Grappling Industries has one hell of a superfight planned for its fans.

Unfortunately, it may never happen.

The five-year-old grappling promotion had originally slated ADCC Absolute Champion Claudio Calasans to take on EBI Middleweight Champion and Danaher Death Squad member Gordon Ryan in a no-time-limit, submission-only match in New York City on October 22.

But Claudio has reportedly backed out of the fight because he wants to be paid in cash rather than by check.

Gordon Ryan isn’t buying Calasans’ reasons for backing out, though; and earlier today, he took to social media to put the Brazilian on blast.

At this point, if you don’t think the top level guys are running from me. You’re lying to yourself. @claudiocalasansjr signed a contract saying he would compete against me in a no time limit submission only match and would be paid in a check after the event was competed. Less than a week ago he then turns around and says he must me paid in cash at the event or he will not be competing against me. David Aguzzi and @grapplingindustries is a professional event. No professional event pays big money in cash. Especially the money he was making for this match. The reason he gave to not compete is completely pathetic. I’m sorry to all the fans that were super excited for this match. A replacement match will be found shortly.

At this point, if you don't think the top level guys are running from me. You're lying to yourself. @claudiocalasansjr…

Posted by Gordon Ryan on Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gordon put up the same Calasans/Roadrunner picture on Instagram.

If the match goes down as planned, it won’t be the first time Gordon Ryan fights in a no-time-limit, submission-only Grappling Industries match.

In fact, it won’t even be the first time this year.

A little over a month ago, Ryan took on multiple-time World champion and IBJJF Pro-League Champion Keenan Cornelius in a 90-minute grappling match at Baruch College in New York. The EBI champ subjected his opponent to leg lock after leg lock, and finally put an end to match via heel hook.

Will Claudio Calasans meet the same fate at the hands of Gordon Ryan?

Unfortunately, we may never find out.


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