Gordon Ryan Calling Out The Marcelo Garcia Dream Team

The Marcelo Garcia dream team is synonymous with victory, thanks to their impressive exploits in the ring. They operate as a well-oiled unit and display outstanding tactical acumen. It comes as no surprise that the team soon gained black belt status and has been sweeping tournaments. However, Gordon Ryan recently decided to call out Dillon Danis, Matheus Diniz and Mansher Singh Khera.

Dillon Danis responded to the callout via Facebook by saying he is determined to avenge the loss suffered at the hands of Garry Tonon. The rematch was turned down due to weight issues. Gordon proposed a $10,000 prize, which the Marcelo Garcia trio would split if one of them managed to make him submit.

Matheus Diniz is a talented fighter from Brazil who made purple belt in 2011. His compatriot, Mansher Singh Khera, began his career as a white belt in 2010 and gained promotions over the years. In 2013, Khera won double gold at the No-Gi Worlds.

I’ve been trying to get a match with members of the MG dream team since I was a purple belt. Here’s a proposal. David Aguzzi will put up a 10,000$ cash prize for the winner. I’d like to have a 1 day back to back to back no gi no time limit submission only match against each of these 3. If one of them submits me they get to split the 10k amongst them. If I submit all 3 back to back to back I win the prize. Who wants to see this next time grappling industries is in nyc? #danaherdeathsquad


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