Gordon Ryan Vs Claudio Calasans Jr In A No Time Limit Submission Only Match

On October 22nd, Gordon Ryan will face off against Claudio Calasans Jr. in a match without any time limits. Calasans is the current ADCC champion, and Grappling Industries will be staging the event in Manhattan. Ryan has trained at Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and he currently lives in Monroe, New Jersey. He’ll be taking part in a no-gi match without points or breaks, and the match will continue until someone is tapped. This is the same set of rules as other matches that Grappling Industries has staged in the New York area. In a recent other no-gi match that lasted an hour and a half, Ryan tapped out Keenan Cornelius. The match against Calasans will be streaming live and will also be posted for fans to watch in case they missed the live stream of this Jiu-Jitsu match.



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