Gracie Breakdown Of 110 Pound Kid Using Jiu-Jitsu In Street Fight Against 190-Pounder

In a classic throwback to Royce Gracie and Kimo Leopoldo fighting at UFC 3, with Royce overcoming his bleak size by using the ponytail of his opponent as a grip for added leverage, a street fight occurred where a 110 pound student of jiu-jitsu neutralized an aggressor who holds 80 pounds on him. In addition to textbook stage 1 punch defense, the 110 pounder used the dreadlocks of his attacker as a posture breaking grip, enabling him to lock up a triangle before the fight is broken up.

It would be difficult to ascertain that the lighter guy in this video would be able to adequately survive a heavier stronger opponent without some type of training. As has been proven time and again, mat time translates to the streets, as you can see from the lighter opponent neutralizing and even overcoming the aggressor.

Watch Rener Gracie break down the fight in its detail.


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