Grandma Casually Chokes Out Woman In Family Street Fight

Respect your elders people.

A totally unverified, without-context video clip has surfaced of what appears to be a family argument gone to the next level. The 15-second clip would be just another flash of familial foolishness caught on tape–not unique in 2019–were it not for what appears to be a savagely quiet and casual rear naked choke applied by the elder matriarch of the group.

You can see her near the right of the frame shuffle up to the nearest person and slip those piano wire wrists in until the victim blacks out. Holds her purse the whole time and everything.

To be clear: We have no idea what’s going on in this video. Nothing is verified at this time. It is possible that Granny had a taser, or knows a variation of the Vulcan Neck Pinch, or dabs her perfume points with chloroform every morning for moments like these. Or, it’s possible abuela is beast and deserves some Gracie Breakdown attention for her RNC finishing skills. It’s the weekend. Pick whichever makes you happy.


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