Great News! Matt Hughes Is Stable And Has No Broken Bones Or Internal Injuries

Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes was involved in a traumatic car accident this weekend, on Friday, June 16. This very popular UFC welterweight champion is also a UFC Hall of Famer. His many fans will be relieved to learn that his condition has been upgraded to a positive outlook.

Good news soon came with reports that Mr. Hughes was somewhat responsive and even responding to prompts by squeezing his family’s hands. Now his family has turned to Facebook to post an update for everyone closely following this story. Beth Hughes Ulrici wrote that the popular athlete is stable, and fortunately, he suffered no internal injuries or fractures. She further clarified that Hughes did suffer some bruising and minor lacerations. But he is being weaned from the ventilator as they slowly allow him to breathe on his own. Though he is still unconscious and not completely responsive, Ms. Ulrici expressed optimism, stating that “We still see the fight in him.”


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