GSP: ‘I Don’t Believe In Strength & Conditioning’

If you’ve been wondering how strength and conditioning training factors into your MMA fighting ability, take a look at what Georges St-Pierre has to say on this subject.

In a recent interview, he claimed that he doesn’t do cardio workouts for strength and conditioning: a claim that might surprise some.

While it might seem counterintuitive, Georges St-Pierre credits his efficiency in the octagon as his key to effective fighting. MMA requires a great deal of training and efficiency, but it looks like GSP isn’t focusing on the treadmill for his secret to much needed endurance or his continued success.


  1. What a great headline.
    Of course he cares about strength training. And conditioning. He does a ton of gymnastics and spars functionally. Its a misleading headline to gain views.

    Check out for further discussion on how to get in shape for your sport and lifestyle


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