GSP’s Ex manager: A Possible Super Fight Between Georges St-Pierre vs Conor McGregor

It was recently announced that UFC Featherweight Champion will be fighting UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael Dos Anjos in a superfight at UFC 197. However, there is another potential clash on the horizon as a rumored GSP vs. McGregor Superfight Could Happen.

Stephane Patry interview with RDS.Ca

“Georges St. Pierre said openly that he could easily get down to 155 pounds to fight. and it is a fact that several fighters who fight at 155 pounds are bigger and walk around heavier than St-Pierre. So if McGregor becomes champion of 145 and 155 pounds, and St-Pierre takes the time to get his weight down in a healthy and intelligent way, do you not think that the UFC would not want to put on the biggest fight in its history?”

There are a lot of things to keep in mind before things come to fruition though, those are that McGregor has to move up another class to welterweight and whether or not Georges St. Pierre is going to ever return from his self imposed retirement. Another rumor floating around was started by the former manager of Georges St. Pierre stated that St. Pierre would drop to lightweight for the bout, he has previously spent his entire career at welterweight. The first thing standing in the way of this superfight from happening is UFC Lightweight Champion Rafeal Dos Anjos, because if McGregor fails to get past him, then all this talk will be for nothing.


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