Guide To Cuddling With A BJJ Fanatic

Photo: LiveTheMachLife

A lot of BJJ fighters are in relationships with non jiu jitsu junkies. This leads to countless problems and can sometimes mean the downfall of the relationship. Those of you who are in a relationship with someone who practices jiu jitsu may feel that time with you is secondary to time spent training. Once you DO get time to spend with your BJJ fighter, they are constantly asking to try a new move out on you and cuddle time can quickly turn into a pain in the neck (literally.) This will hopefully answer some questions and address some concerns for those of you with a partner who loves jiu jitsu.  

First let’s look at some common mistakes people make while trying to cuddle a jiu jitsu fighter.- Getting any kind of underhook during a hug. You’re asking for a fight for underhook control when you hug a BJJ fighter with underhooks in. Make sure you hug your partner with your arms OVER theirs…Trust me.  

The next mistake people make while cuddling a BJJ fighter is giving up their back. Hate to break it to you but whenever your back is to your partner, they are thinking about the different ways he/she can strangle or otherwise attack you from there…It’s a good idea to protect your neck at all times…(Side note-guys, your BJJ girl Loves when you wear a sport coat or blazer, she thinks about choking you with your collar)

It’s also a good idea to look for hand control whenever possible. Having hand control limits the attacks they can send your way. Look to hold their hand whenever possible.

Another thing to remember while cuddling your significant other is if their hips all of a sudden start scooting away from you while you are trying to snuggle up, don’t freak out. It’s called “shrimping.” It’s instinctual. They thought you were trying to establish side control and reacted accordingly.

Which brings us to the last and most important thing to remember while cuddling a BJJ fighter…In general you want to steer clear of being “in the guard.” If at any time you feel your partner’s feet cross behind your back, you may want to get out of there… And if you absolutely must find yourself in the guard….whatever you do, maintain good posture and keep you elbows tucked.

If none of these tips help your relationship with your jiu jitsu fanatic then I suggest you level the playing field by putting on a gi and learning jiu jitsu for yourself! I guarantee you and your significant other will be honeymooning to BJJ camps in Brazil in no time!



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