Guy Taps Tons Of Time And Training Partner Won’t Let Go Of Submission


  1. I tend to agree, but I have seen situations where this would be acceptable. As long as the professor doesn’t allow devolve into chaos, I like the idea of gyms being self policing. I saw a white belt and purple belt training. The white belt “caught” the purple and tapped him. Then he jumped up celebrated and started bragging. The next roll ended a lot like video above.

    I don’t know what the situation us like at the gym in the video. And while I agree trust in your training partners is a 2 way street. Letting go when someone taps is typically paramount; but once in a blue moon someone needs to be taught a lesson.

  2. That motherfucker would have gotten his teeth kicked in after i got back on my feet and then I would have broken his arm and put him off the mats for 6 months. That fool should be taught a serious lesson.

    • If he walked into a triangle that easily I doubt he has the skills to kick anyone’s teeth in or take anyone’s arm off. Backstory on a video like this is crucial as the only way anything like this is acceptable is if they needed to be taught a lesson, as some other commenters have noted. In all honesty, the guy that was tapping repeatedly seemed a bit upset but he wasn’t “angry” once the submission was let go. Makes me think it was a case of him understanding he was bein taught a lesson? Also, no one else in the academy felt the need to jump in and rescue anyone so I highly doubt it was a heated case of animosity. Most likely someone was put in their place for something they did previously, and it looks like they realized they were being taught a lesson.


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