Having A Good Drill Partner Is Crucial

Photo by: Stewart Uy

Drilling is very important in jiu jitsu. It might possibly be one of the most important tools that we use. We all drill so that we can learn new moves, and perfect the moves that are already in our arsenal. This is why it is very important to have a good drill partner. Yes, it is good to switch it up sometimes to try your sweeps or submissions on someone with a different body type, but it is also nice to drill with a person regularly. Having a good, reliable drill partner is essential.

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Now, we have either all drilled with a bad partner, or been the bad drill partner. It is very frustrating. You can’t progress when your drill partner either refuses to cooperate, or is just disinterested. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have fun. You don’t have to be all business while drilling, fun is allowed. But actively trying to improve while drilling is important. You can’t progress if your drill partner takes a break every few minutes, or does the technique incorrectly and does not want to be corrected.

If you are a bad drill partner you aren’t only hurting yourself, but your partner as well. It is honestly just really selfish behavior. Everyone goes to practice to learn new skills and improve their current skill set. By not drilling properly, you are wasting time and money. Sometimes drilling can be boring and tedious, but that is just part of jiu jitsu. So make sure you are taking full advantage of drilling, and you aren’t just coasting. Otherwise, improving your skills will be difficult. And if you are a bad drill partner, please take into consideration the effect you are having on yourself and your drill partner.

Photo by: Stewart Uy


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