Did Rener Gracie Just Reinvent the Hooded Sweatshirt? 

Hero Hoodie

Rener Gracie just launched Hero Hoodie, a new clothing company in which every garment converts into a functional backpack using his patent-pending “QuickFlip” technology.
Traditionally, when you’re out and about, and the temperature rises, you take of your sweatshirt and either tie it around your waist or around your neck. Besides the fact that these carrying methods may be considered unfashionable, they will likely stretch out the sleeves and may present a major safety hazard, especially when riding a bicycle or engaging in other high-intensity activity. Hero Hoodie solves this problem once and for all, and in the video above Rener explains how he came up with the idea.
It only takes seconds to convert the Hero Hoodie into a backpack. Once converted, not only does the backpack contain your sweatshirt, but their is extra space to store your personal belongings and a hidden inside pocket for your cell phone or wallet.  
Love him or hate him, Rener Gracie has solved a problem that we never knew we had, but we’ve all experienced. On the surface, one might think that this has nothing to do with jiu-jitsu, but one look at the Hero Hoodie in action, and you can’t deny that Rener’s jiu-jitsu training played a part in how he solved this problem so efficiently. 
In this hilarious video, Rener shares his invention with random people at the Venice Beach boardwalk in California. Their reactions are priceless, but what’s even funnier is that no one has any clue that the “hoodie guy” in front of them could easily choke out anyone on the beach (yes, even that bodybuilder at 0:37 wouldn’t stand a chance).


  1. Any chance we could stick to relevant news and commentary regarding the Jiu-Jitsu world and not devolve into blatant advertising just because a famous name is attached?


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